Don't Breathe 3: Stephen Lang Just Slipped Major News About Sequel Plans

The Don't Breathe horror franchise is already two movies into its run and, surprisingly, it appears as though a third entry could be in the cards. Stephen Lang has starred in both films as the Blind Man, a horrible monster in the first movie who fights to find redemption in the second. While there has been no official word about a third movie, considering Don't Breathe 2 made considerably less than its predecessor, Lang seems confident that he'll be playing the Blind Man one more time.

During an interview with, Lang was asked about getting into the headspace of a dark character like the Blind Man. He said that he "enjoyed" the process of playing a different kind of character, and that he planned to enjoy that same process in Don't Breathe 3.

"Well, it depends on the role," Lang said. "I find with the sequels you're talking about, Don't Breathe. It's not difficult for me to open the door into the Blind Man's brain, you know? It's not a place I want to spend a huge amount of time [laughs] unless that's what I'm doing, and when I'm doing it, when I'm in the Blind Man, it's a very interesting place to be. I've enjoyed, if that's the right word, but I guess it is, I enjoyed filming Don't Breathe and Don't Breathe 2 very, very much. Just as I plan to enjoy filming Don't Breathe 3."

Will There Be a Don't Breathe 3?

Lang sounds confident that a third Don't Breathe movie will happen, but there has been no official word indicating that will be the case. After Don't Breathe 2 was released, sequel director Rodo Sayagues told that these films are very open-ended, allowing for more movies in the future.

"I think stories are never wrapped. If something is true about the first movie, is that there's no closure on both ends," Sayagues shared with "There was no closure for the story of Norman [Stephen Lang] and there's no closure for the story of Rocky [Jane Levy], they both got away with a crime, both of them. Because Rocky stole a lot of money."

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