'Don't Breathe' Sequel Still on the Way, According to Star Stephen Lang

Don't Breathe proved to be one of the surprise horror hits of 2016, as its late summer release [...]

Don't Breathe proved to be one of the surprise horror hits of 2016, as its late summer release provided a fresh perspective in a season that felt redundant. According to one of the film's stars, Stephen Lang, we can expect to see a sequel land in theaters at some point in the future.

"Oh yeah, we're doing a sequel," Lang told ScreenRant of whether the series would continue. The actor is currently working on Avatar sequels, which likely take precedence over the horror series.

In the film, three teens aim to exploit a blind man who lives in the neighborhood by breaking into his house to steal from a safe. Once inside, these thieves get more than they bargained for as they discover the man (Lang) is far more accustomed to navigating his own home in the darkness, making the burglars the ones who should be fearful.

Writer/director Fede Alvarez has been talking about a sequel since the original film became a success, having regularly discussed avenues the film would explore.

"Right now we have Don't Breathe 2 as something we really want to do," Alvarez told IGN in 2016. "The challenge obviously is we just don't want to do the same movie again and just have '2' in it. We'll feel so embarrassed if we do that. At first our reaction when they told us was no, no, no, no, no, that's Hollywood, that's the devil pushing us to do something just because we can. And then we had an idea that we got really excited about, we won't tell you what it is, it'll spoil the whole thing."

One of the film's producers, Sam Raimi, divulged some bold details about the planned sequel.

"It's only the greatest idea for a sequel I've ever heard. I'm not kidding," Raimi admitted.

Following the success of his film, Alvarez signed on to direct The Girl in the Spider's Web, the fourth installment in the novel series kicked off by The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Between Lang and Alvarez's commitments, we shouldn't expect the arrival of Don't Breathe 2 anytime soon, but it sounds like the cast and crew are still interested in pursuing the series.

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