Dracula Comic Book Adaptation Gets Motion Trailer

The Dracula mythos has been expanded upon in some interesting ways over the years, with the efforts ranging from bone-chilling to a little ridiculous. For many, Bela Lugosi's portrayal of the character reigns supreme, something that has endured in the decades since 1931's Dracula film. Nearly a century later, Lugosi's Dracula is getting transported into a new medium, with a Dracula graphic novel being published by Legendary Comics early next month. To celebrate the occasion, Legendary Comics released a motion trailer, which previews the macabre aesthetic fans can expect to see in the graphic novel.

"Bram Stoker. Bela Lugosi. Two names forever bound by Dracula," the motion trailer's description reads. And for the first time ever, Bram Stoker's gothic masterpiece is being united with the definitive screen Dracula, Bela Lugosi, in our all new graphic novel!

In the late 19th Century, Dracula, an ancient Transylvanian vampire, moves to England to find fresh blood and spread his evil contagion. There, he encounters two women, Lucy and Mina, who become the targets of his dark obsession. Aided by a group of brave men, Professor Van Helsing arrives on the scene to take on the Vampire Prince in the ultimate battle between the forces of light and dark!"

The graphic novel will be adapted by Robert Napton (Battlestar Galactica, Warlord of Mars), with art from El Garing (Pacific Rim: Tales from the Drift) and Kerry Gammill (Power Man and Iron Fist, Superman). Richard Starkings (Doctor Who, Death's Head) will serve as letterer.

This is just the latest Dracula adaptation to arrive, after Netflix's Dracula miniseries arrived on the streaming platform earlier this year. ABC also was developing a modern-day Dracula-inspired series called The Brides, but it was officially passed on last month.


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Legendary's Dracula graphic novel will be released on November 3rd.