Lebron James in Talks to Reboot 'Friday the 13th'

With Halloween dominating the box office this weekend, horror fans around the world are already expecting the other iconic slasher franchises to receive another reboot treatment sooner rather than later. As of Monday, it looks as though Jason Vorhees and Friday the 13th are next on the list, with a surprising producer aiming to give the series new life.

According to a new report from Bloody-Disgusting, Lebron James and his Springhill Entertainment company are in talks with Vertigo Entertainment to produce a new Friday the 13th movie.

James has been making big moves in the entertainment industry as of late. The NBA superstar-turned-producer is going to star in the upcoming Space Jam sequel, and produce alongside Black Panther director Ryan Coogler. His production company Springhill Entertainment will be behind the picture. Space Jam 2 is reportedly going to begin production during the 2019 NBA offseason. James also produces The Shop on HBO and Warriors of Liberty City on Starz.

This all comes on the heels of his move to Los Angeles this past summer. After two stints playing in Cleveland, Ohio, and a few years in Miami, Flordia, James made the decision to sign a multiyear contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, allowing him to explore even more Hollywood ventures in addition to his sports career.


Now seems like the best time to bring a franchise like Friday the 13th back to life, considering the success that horror reboots have had over the last couple of years. While the genre went through a period of critically panned, largely unsuccessful reboots, things changed last year with the release of Stephen King's It, which debuted to the tune of $123 million at the domestic box office. This past weekend, Halloween slayed with $77.5 million domestically.

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