Jordan Peele Reveals One of His Darker, Original Endings for 'Get Out'

Last year's Get Out offered audiences a variety of twists and turns throughout its thrilling narrative, circumventing audience expectations at every turn. Writer/director Jordan Peele recently shared one of his abandoned ideas for the film's ending, which would have ended on a much more somber note.

***WARNING: Spoilers below for Get Out***

In the film, Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) visits his girlfriend Rose's (Allison Williams) parents house for the first time, ultimately uncovering a scheme in which her family places the brains of old white people into the bodies of young, attractive black victims who were regularly lured there by Rose. The film's climax features Chris escaping the home, with his best friend Rod (Lil Rel Howery) eventually coming to his rescue.

"I had several different ones [endings]. There was a while where it was more of a gated community, and we get to Chris breaking out, but right before he breaks out he meets some sort of final test that we don’t know how it ends," Peele revealed to The Hollywood Reporter. "We cut to Rod a couple months later, breaking into the gated community, going down the main street and seeing Chris just looking into the reflection of a window. And he goes: ‘Chris, I've been looking for you. Are you OK?’ And Chris turns to him and goes, ‘I assure you, I don’t know who you’re talking about.’"

This is only one of multiple alternate, more depressing endings, with another being shot and edited, which can be viewed on the home video release.

This other ending featured Chris confronting Allison in hopes of killing her, with the actual police arriving instead of Rod. With no one left alive that can corroborate Chris' story and the house burning down, no evidence of his outrageous story can be confirmed.

Chris ends up in jail, with Rod hoping to get information from him that could clear his name. Chris struggles to remember details, but takes solace in the fact that, while he's surely facing life in prison, at least he was able to stop the family's nefarious schemes.


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