Ghost Nation Renewed for Season 2

Viewers proved they can't get enough of the original "Ghost Hunters" as the new series Ghost Nation on the Travel Channel, starring Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, and Dave Tango, has been renewed for a second season. As compared to a number of other paranormal investigation series, which aim to deliver a terrifying viewing experience, Ghost Nation instead hopes to debunk reports of hauntings and offer insight into what could potentially be causing what appears to be supernatural occurrences, informing home-owners that there aren't sinister forces behind every bump in the night they hear. With its first season airing its finale on December 13th, it's unclear when we can expect Season Two.

Ghost Nation was an exciting launch for us, and it’s clear our viewers are just as eager to see Jason, Steve, and Dave back on the case, doing what they do best,” Matthew Butler, general manager, Travel Channel shared in a statement. “We’re beyond elated to do another season with them, super serving their loyal fan base with more locations and deeper investigations.”

Ghost Nation follows the paranormal pioneers as they help homeowners dealing with harrowing hauntings. Responding to urgent calls from local paranormal investigators nationwide who have reached a dead end, the trio steps in to solve the high-stakes cases with robust, multi-stage investigations.

Audiences first met this trio of investigators in SYFY's Ghost Hunters, as the program helped pave the way for the current boom of supernatural investigations series. Despite a new name and some new technologies, star Hawes previously revealed that his intentions still center on offering peace of mind to homeowners.

"Fans are going to be able to see us get back to our roots of why TAPS was originally created and what we did," Hawes shared with earlier this year. "Getting in there and truly trying to figure out what's happening for these homeowners, to empower them, and just give them their strength in their homes back. And the nice thing is, where my past show was more we tow in, you'd investigate, and you'd move on, our new show Ghost Nation shows from how we get the case, to when we meet the clients, to then also diving deep into the historical research and being an investigator of figuring out what's accurate about the property that the homeowners know, and what inaccuracies they have, and bringing them the real information. If somebody's heard that somebody fell in their house and laid there for three-four hours in pain before they died, that can be a traumatizing thing, but when you go in, and you're able to show them that that's not accurate, that's not how this happened, you can see that weight come off their shoulders and it really helps to empower them."


Stay tuned for details on the future of Ghost Nation.

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