R.L. Stine Hasn't Heard Anything About a Third 'Goosebumps' Movie

The first big-screen adaptation of the Goosebumps series of novels came in 2015, earning enough [...]

The first big-screen adaptation of the Goosebumps series of novels came in 2015, earning enough success to score last year's sequel. With Goosebumps 2 out now on home video, franchise creator R.L. Stine is unaware if there will be a follow-up film to close out the trilogy.

"Well I'm waiting by the phone. I don't know, no one's calling me," Stine shared with ComicBook.com about another sequel. "I haven't heard anything about a third film."

In addition to being inspired by his stories, the most recent film even had a cameo from the man himself, who sounds like he would gladly drop by the third production if it ever comes together.

"It was fun. I like going down to Atlanta, and hanging out with everybody, and doing my little five seconds," the author shared of his cameo.

The series of novels that delivered young readers frightful stories kicked off in 1992 with Welcome to Dead House, with the series going on to earn more than 60 entries. Before launching Goosebumps, Stine had gained a following for his Fear Street series, which delivered creepy stories for a slightly older audience. The fate of the Goosebumps series might be unclear, but Stine offered an update on the progress of films based on Fear Street.

"There were three scripts, it was supposed to be three movies, that are supposed to come out one month after the other. June, July, and August, and there are three scripts, and that's the last I heard about it," Stine confessed. "I don't know. I have no other news about it."

While it's currently unclear if Goosebumps 2 was enough of a success to warrant a sequel, the author confirmed one story he'd like to see brought to life for the big screen.

"I would like to see The Haunted Mask. I think that one would make a good feature," Stine shared with ComicBook.com when asked which of his stories would make a good movie. "And maybe put together Haunted Mask one and two. That's my best Halloween book, I think. If they did a third [movie], I would want them to make it a little scarier, and less funny. They go for laughs, which is wonderful, and they have scary scenes, but [...] I'd like to see the movies just heighten the scares a little bit."

Stay tuned for details on the future of the Goosebumps franchise.

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