Halloween Ends Won't Explain Where Michael Myers Has Been Since Last Sequel

The upcoming Halloween Ends is jumping four years into the future of the series' timeline, but director David Gordon Green recently confirmed that fans shouldn't expect to learn much about what the murderous Michael Myers has been doing since we last saw him. In the current timeline of the series, Myers was apprehended following his deadly rampage in 1978 and locked up for 40 years, before escaping in the events of 2018's Halloween. The last sequel, Halloween Kills, picked up right from the events of its predecessor, but Green noted that he wasn't interested in exploring Myers' time in seclusion and isolation ahead of the upcoming conclusion to his trilogy of films. Halloween Ends hits theaters and Peacock on October 14th.

"We don't really explain that," Green shared with Total Film when discussing Myers' whereabouts. "It's like: I don't want to see where Jaws goes to sleep at night when I'm watching a shark movie ... I want to see him when he pops up, and he's got an appetite!"

Throughout the history of the franchise, Myers has gone into hiding in various ways, with the series sometimes explaining to viewers what he's been up to while other times leaving it vague. In many respects, it can be argued that not knowing how he's avoided detection for years is far more unsettling than were we to witness where he's been hiding.

Similarly, we won't necessarily be shown what Laurie Strode has been up to in the years since her daughter Karen (Judy Greer) was killed by Myers, yet star Jamie Lee Curtis confirms that her character has sought help to process the various tragedies she's suffered at the hands of Myers.

"By the time you meet Laurie Strode, she has gotten help," Curtis explained to the outlet. "Help to process the level of violence that has been perpetrated against her and her family. She's done the work. And there's a moment at the beginning of the movie where you actually meet Laurie -- I'm not going to say she's as innocent as she was back when she was a 17-year-old girl -- but she has a layer of hope about her. That's a beautiful place to start a really tragic, incredibly violent ending."

Halloween Ends hits theaters and Peacock on October 14th.

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