Halloween Kills: Jamie Lee Curtis Celebrates Successful Box Office Opening

Halloween Kills was released this weekend and it is currently up on Rotten Tomatoes with a 38% critics score after 142 reviews and a 74% audience score after 1,000+ reviews. ComicBook.com's own Patrick Cavanaugh gave the movie a 3 out 5 and called it "a ruthless and redundant reminder of communal chaos." Despite the mixed reactions to the film and the fact that it was also released on Peacock, the movie earned more at the box office this weekend than expected. According to Deadline, the movie had a $50 million opening, which exceeded its $30 million to $40 million projection, making it the highest earner of any movie to have a theatrical-day-and-date release (not counting the movies that were available for purchase on Disney+ Premier Access). Earlier today, franchise star Jamie Lee Curtis took to Instagram to celebrate the movie's success.

"WE DIDN'T SUCK! What you don't know about me is that I am incredibly competitive and yet always underplay expectations. Always have. I hide expectations and couch them behind the belief that the process is what is most important but at the end of the day you still want it to be successful for myriad reasons. Mostly for the fans and then the studio, the creative teams and all the hard work that people put into it. When Freaky Friday started its release and everybody said it would do well I remember simply saying to everyone involved 'I hope we don't suck.' When that movie reached $100 million I had T-shirts made for all of us that said 'we didn't suck.' I think I may need to be getting some new T-shirts made for my Halloween family. Happy Halloween! Thank you for my life. Pun and sentiment way intended," Curtis wrote. You can check out her photo below:

Halloween Kills was supposed to hit theaters last October but was pushed back a whole year due to the pandemic. It was recently revealed that producer Jason Blum was the one who decided to release the movie on Peacock, but the creative was still hoping folks would check out the movie on the big screen. During a Q&A at a Beyond Fest screening earlier this month, Blum talked about the experience of having to delay the film. 

"I've never had the experience... I mean, have we... You never have either. Where you have a movie, it's all ready to go, and then it doesn't happen. And so you're sitting on it and everyone on Twitter is like, 'Where is Halloween?' So it's great for people finally are going to get to see it. And get to see it, obviously, here a couple more times, and then out in the world in a couple of weeks. So it feels fantastic. It feels great. It's going to be appreciated the way it should be appreciated. I'm very glad that we waited. There was a big question of, 'Should we wait or not wait?' And I'm really glad that we did, yeah," Blum explained.

Halloween Kills is now playing in theaters and streaming on Peacock.