Full 'Halloween' Soundtrack Now Streaming

The new Halloween sequel is about to hit theaters, and this time moviegoers are getting a taste of vintage classic sounds from the franchise. The new Halloween (2018) soundtrack has been almost as highly-anticipated as the film itself - and now you can stream the full Halloween soundtrack online!

Start the video above to hear the full track list from the official Halloween (2018) soundtrack.

The real distinguishing factor of this particular soundtrack is that it brings back John Carpenter himself as the composer, along with Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies. The choice in melodies and sounds are very much in keeping with Carpenter's original 1978 Halloween movie soundtrack, while also updating things to transform the classic sonics into an edgier modern arrangement.

The main attraction will of course be the "Halloween Theme" that defines the series. This new version of the classic melody comes with a hard-thumping electronica baseline, which adds a savage urgency to Michael Myer's theme music. It's the epitome of what fans hope for from a reboot or remake of a classic film: totally in keeping with the spirit of the original, while also bringing something new to the table.

Other tracks that seem like they'll be memorable for fans are no doubt "Laurie's Theme" and the "Prison Montage," along with "The Shape Returns", which was leaked early on for fans' listening pleasure.

Having seen Halloween (Read our Full Review HERE), we can say that this soundtrack has the desired effect of definitely making the movie feel alive again when you hear it - which in this case, ironically means making all of Michael Myers' kills feel alive again. If you haven't seen the film yet, definitely sit back and take in the atmosphere of the dark world that director David Gordon Green revisits; if you have the seen the film, this may inspire you to like the film even more than you initially did - or even head out to see it again.

John Carpenter recently spoke to EW about creating this new Halloween soundtrack, and had the following to say:


"We've got the basic themes from the first film, but we've improved them with the new technology we're working with today. Because that was wayback. I was working with tube amplifiers in those days, which you had to tune up. Nowadays, it's unbelievable! But we invented new music in certain places that required it. You can't just retrofit something. It's got to work for the film. So, it was a combination of two things — old and new — and it was just a blast. It was fun!"

Halloween hits theaters starting tonight.