'Halloween' Producer Wants to Reboot 'Friday the 13th'

We live in an era where everything that anyone has ever loved has either been in rebooted already, [...]

We live in an era where everything that anyone has ever loved has either been in rebooted already, or has a reboot in some stage of production. In many cases, these long-gestating reboots don't turn out to be all that great. Then again, the recent Halloween sequel from Blumhouse proves that, with the right people in place, even the most beloved properties can get a quality reboot that lives up to its name.

The Blumhouse team cracked the reboot code with Halloween, so it wouldn't be surprising to see the hit horror studio take on another reboot of a popular franchise. With so many classic horror properties out there, some in desperate need of rebooting, genre fans everywhere are wondering which one will be next.

While Blumhouse may not have a specific franchise on deck for a reboot (at least that we know about), the studio certainly has one they'd love to get their hands on. Producer Ryan Turek took some time to chat with ComicBook.com about the Halloween's Blu-ray release (which is available in stores now), and he revealed that both he and Jason Blum are dying to get their shot at Friday the 13th.

"Without question, at the top of my list would be Friday the 13th," Turek said. "Friday the 13th would be the franchise that I would love to work on next. Jason Blum shares that same passion. That is something that is unfortunately complicated. I mean, there's all sorts of stuff going on not [just] with the video game, but legal stuff. But, if it came our way, I mean I would be on cloud nine. It would be absolutely incredible to do. I feel a little bit smoother, because, I think there are only a few promises you'd need to make when it comes to Friday the 13th. That's, you know, you gotta deliver on a summer camp. You gotta deliver on counselors. You gotta deliver on Jason Voorhees."

As Turek said, the rights surrounding Friday the 13th are complicated, to say the least. However, if Blumhouse were to figure out the logistics, Turek believes the studio could do right by the franchise.

"I mean like I think that there's a lot more mythology," Turek said of Friday. "I think what's so rabid about the Halloween franchise. There's a rabid fan base behind it is because the mythology is so strong. Even though the mythology weaves in and out of different things, there are a lot more characters to grasp on to and root for, whether it's little Jamie Lloyd, or Laurie Strode, or, and so on. With Friday the 13th, obviously Jason Voorhees is the main thing. I've written about this when I had my own website. I think Friday the 13th [from] 2009 is the best slasher mix tape we could ever get, when it comes to the Friday franchise. There's a lot of opportunities to explore. If we ever had the chance it would probably be similar to Halloween. Get someone who can really disrupt it a little bit and have some fun. Yeah, Friday would be cool. I've always got a soft spot for Texas Chainsaw. Not that you need a soft spot for Texas Chainsaw. Texas Chainsaw is one of the f*****g scariest movies and one of the best horror movies of all time."

Be sure to check out Halloween, now available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD.