'Halloween' Franchise Star Shares More Thoughts On Not Being in Sequel

The upcoming sequel to Halloween will feature the return of filmmaker John Carpenter behind the scenes and Jamie Lee Curtis will reprise the role of Laurie Strode for the first time in almost 20 years. Unfortunately, actress Danielle Harris, who has starred in four of the films in the franchise, was not asked to return to the franchise, but has admitted she's still looking forward to check out the new film.

"I'll absolutely go to the theater and see it for sure. I'm a fan first and foremost," Harris told Daily Dead. "I am looking forward to them bringing it back to the way I think it needed to be. It kind of took a pretty intense hard left I would say, so I am looking forward to seeing it. I'm hoping that it goes back to the old school with Carpenter involved. I'm assuming that that's going to be where they go with it. I always believe less is more, so maybe it'll get a chance to do that and I really would love to see Michael back and in his original mask and see Jamie Lee [Curtis] back up there."

Throughout the course of ten films, various sequels have tried to craft all-new timelines and the franchise has even undergone the reboot treatment, with this new film supposedly taking place after the events of the first film, eradicating the mythology of the rest of the franchise.

"I mean, I am bummed that I'm not a part of something that could be super cool, especially if it's the last one—that's just so sad that it's done—but I've done four movies," Harris noted. "I'm more than happy with what I had from that franchise so far. Maybe one day I'll meet Jamie Lee [Curtis], we'll see, but I definitely 100% will be at the theater checking it out."

Harris debuted in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers as the daughter of Curtis' character. In the new sequel, Judy Greer is in talks to play the part of Laurie's daughter.

The actress initially shared her disappointment in a YouTube video, confessing she even reached out to the filmmakers to let them know her interest.

"They keep saying this is Halloween 3 and they're never going to make another one. But somewhere along the way, if they make a Halloween 4, I think it would be really cool to have Jamie come back," Harris explained to Birth Movies Death. "I've kinda always wanted to be the killer. But, you know, Michael is the killer. I think it would be cool to be Jamie just one more time for one scene with Jamie Lee Curtis. That's really what I want to be at the end of the day. And then I can be done with that."


The upcoming sequel is slated to be released on October 19, 2018, with production recently having been delayed until January of next year.

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