Michael Myers in the 'Halloween' Sequel Shares First Glimpse of "The Shape" Behind the Scenes

Earlier this week, the first images of Michael Myers stalking the fake town of Haddonfield, [...]

Earlier this week, the first images of Michael Myers stalking the fake town of Haddonfield, Illinois from the upcoming Halloween sequel emerged online, yet we couldn't confirm the actor under the mask. Taking to social media, original Halloween star Nick Castle offered a behind-the-scenes look at his time on set, possibly hinting that the character was portrayed by a different performer prior to his arrival.

On January 29, Castle tweeted, "The Shape is coming," and on January 30, proclaimed, "The Shape is here," alongside a photo of himself sitting in a chair on set. If the actor only arrived on Tuesday, the images that emerged on Monday might not have been Castle.

In the original 1978 film, Michael Myers murdered his sister on Halloween night and gets locked away in a mental institution. 15 years later, Myers breaks free and returns to his hometown to kill many local teens that are all around the same age that his sister was when he killed her.

Over the course of the film, multiple performers played the character of Michael Myers, from Will Sandon playing the 6-year-old Myers to Tony Moran playing the unmasked adult Michael. Castle, however, played the character in most of the stalking scenes, with his presence being referred to as "The Shape" instead of "Michael Myers."

The upcoming sequel brings together many integral components from the original film, including Castle, star Jamie Lee Curtis and director/co-writer John Carpenter.

The new film will be Curtis' fifth appearance in the series, with her involvement confirming this new chapter would ignore many of the previous installments. After the initial two films, Curtis returned to the series with its seventh film, Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, effectively erasing the events of films four through six. Her character was then killed in the subsequent Halloween: Resurrection.

Carpenter has been far less involved in the series, as the franchise ignored his wishes and continued to focus on Michael Myers. The filmmaker has admitted to begrudgingly writing Halloween II while unofficially helping develop Halloween III: Season of the Witch, a standalone film in the series. That film's disappointing box office resulted in the franchise returning to the Myers mythology.

Fans may be excited for Curtis and Carpenter to return, but even more exciting, this new film marks Castle's first appearance in the series in 40 years.

The new Halloween sequel lands in theaters October 19.

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