Jamie Lee Curtis Admits She Made the 'Halloween' Theme Her Ringtone

Jamie Lee Curtis is just as big a fan of the Halloween franchise as anyone, admitting during a recent interview that she, at one point, had the film's iconic theme as her ringtone.

"When we could first put ringtones on our phones, and I found out I could get the Halloween theme as a ringtone, I had it on my phone, and that was sort of amazingly cool," the actress revealed to Variety. "Obviously, I saw the movie when the movie came out, so the music was part of my life for a long time."

Starring in the original 1978 film was one of the Curtis' breakout roles not just in the horror world, but also extending into all aspects of cinema. She would later reprise her role in three sequels, making her a defining figure in the franchise. The actress detailed the response she'd get from fans who would overhear the recognizable actress' phone ringing.

"They would just look at me [and nod]," Curtis joked. "It ratchets you up a cool level. It ratcheted me up like five cool levels. Just the fact that it was my phone and it was ringing the Halloween theme, I mean, forget it."

The original film was directed and co-written by John Carpenter, who also crafted the film's now-iconic score. The chilling theme is arguably one of the most iconic movie themes of any genre, though the filmmaker admitted how quickly he came up with it.

"Oh no, hell no, god no," Carpenter shared with Consequence of Sound when asked if he had the luxury of scoring Halloween to picture. "For both Assault [on Precinct 13] and Halloween, I go into a studio and depending on how much time I had, I’d do several pieces. For Assault, I had a day; for Halloween, I had three days."

The filmmaker went on to confirm the limited timeframe of composing the score.

"Not the theme, the whole score [took three days]," Carpenter noted. "That theme was done in like an hour. We moved on."

A sequel to the original film is hitting theaters later this year, which marks not only the return of Curtis to the series, but also Carpenter's return as an executive producer and also the composer.

The new Halloween hits theaters on October 19th.


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