'Halloween' Trailer Teaser Released

The first teaser for the official trailer for Halloween (2018) is now out, and you can watch it [...]

The first teaser for the official trailer for Halloween (2018) is now out, and you can watch it above!

This latest installment of the Halloween franchise comes our way from Eastbound & Down and Vice Principals duo David Gordon Green and Danny McBride, who are unlikely choices to revitalize the Halloween franchise, who are proving to nonetheless be smart horror visionaries. After the impressive first Halloween poster and now this teaser, the fandom has a lot of good reason to be excited.

The 2018 Halloween picks up after the events of the first film, with the caveat from McBride that it's a tweak on the original ending, while ignoring the rest of the sequels, as well as the Rob Zombie 2000s reboot. Set four decades after Carpenter's Halloween, we find Jamie Lee Curtis back as Laurie Strode, now aged and with a family of her own (including Archer's Judy Greer as "Karen Strode"). Unfortunately, Laurie can't escape her own cursed bloodline, as her brother Michael Myers once again returns to terrorize her.

This small teaser captures the atmosphere and mood of the original films, while transitioning things into the modern era. Jamie Lee Curtis promised this first preview would be terrifying, and she wasn't kidding. This film looks worlds away from Rob Zombie's version of the franchise - which is precisely the kind of good news that fans will be waiting to hear.

Green and McBride have gone to great lengths to reconnect this Halloween with its franchise roots. Besides bringing back Curtis, the film will see the return of Nick Castle, who played "The Shape" (aka Michael Myers) in the original Halloween. John Carpenter is actually handling the soundtrack himself, as well as having come on set to advise on the film's production and approach. There will also be a lot of classic franchise Easter eggs from iconic locations to the type of practical effects used in the film.

Despite some clear aging, Michael Myers will still be a very "hands-on" and physical killer, which should keep things on the right side of brutal.

Halloween slashes into theaters on October 19th.