Happy Death Day Director Shoots Down Rumors of Third Film

In 2017, Happy Death Day became a surprising success, exploring a character who was murdered, only to relive the day leading up to her death endlessly in hopes of putting together clues that revealed her killer. The film took in more than $125 million on a reported budget of $5 million, scoring 72 percent positive reviews according to aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes. Earlier this year, Happy Death Day 2U continued the character's journey, earning 67 percent positive reviews, though only earned $64 million worldwide on a reported $9 million budget. Sadly, the sequel's underwhelming performance seems to have dashed the series' hope for a third film, with director Christopher Landon debunking reports that the sequel was being developed.

happy death day 3 christopher landon

"Since I keep reading stuff about it, I’ll say it loud: THERE IS NO HAPPY DEATH DAY 3 IN DEVELOPMENT," the filmmaker shared on Twitter. "It’s just a rumor...unless [Netflix] wants to pony-up and finish this trilogy, it just ain’t happening."

Sadly, these comments echo what producer Jason Blum revealed earlier this year. When a fan asked the producer on Twitter the likelihood of a third film, Blum replied, "Not very but not impossible."

What will make these details so frustrating for fans is that the first film didn't immediately imply that there were more adventures to come, as opposed to the events of the second film, which had a post-credits scene that set the wheels in motion for what we could expect in a third film.

“Oh, I have more than an idea,” Landon shared with Entertainment Weekly about working on another sequel. “I always imagined this as a trilogy, so I have the third movie, but it’s just a question of whether this one does well. I would love to make the third one. I think it’s a really bonkers, fun idea.”

He added, "There’s a big clue already in [Happy Death Day 2U]. There’s an end credit sequence, so people who stick around, they’ll see that. But, beyond that, mum’s the word right now.”

Jessica Rothe leads the returning cast of Happy Death Day 2U. This time, our hero Tree Gelbman (Rothe) discovers that dying over and over was surprisingly easier than the dangers that lie ahead.

A new film would likely have seen Rothe return, though the actress claims she doesn't know the direction the third film would take.

“Chris has mentioned it very briefly, but I truly know nothing about it,” Rothe admitted. “The only thing I do know is, like with the sequel, Chris will surprise, and amaze, and shock us with whatever turn this franchise takes if there is a third film. I don’t think anyone could have expected the sequel could have been what it is, just in terms of how zany, and crazy, and wonderful, yet emotionally grounded the story is. So, I can only imagine what must be going on in his brain right now.”


Happy Death Day 2U is out now on home video.

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