'IT: Chapter Two' Casts Teach Grant as Adult Henry Bowers

It Chapter Two Teach Grant Henry Bowers

IT: Chapter Two continues to round out the adult versions of the characters we met in "Chapter One," by casting actor Teach Grant as the adult version of Henry Bowers, according to Variety. Henry Bowers is of course the violent bully in the town of Derry, Maine, who terrorized the kids of The Losers Club, and even became murderously violent, after falling under the sway of Pennywise the Clown.

One thing that immediately jumps out as a question is how there is even an adult version of Henry Bowers to find in Derry, as the climax of the first film saw Bowers plummet down a well after attacking Mike Hanlon in Pennywise's sewer lair. Clearly Henry didn't die at the bottom of that well if he made it to adult age, so the question becomes: what happened to him?

In the novel, Henry clearly survives the first encounter with IT, and is actually framed by the monster for most of the murders it committed. Henry ends up in the Juniper Hill Asylum, where Pennywise eventually finds him and breaks him out (in a swath of bloody murder). Henry comes back to once again hunt The Losers Club, almost killing Mike, before eventually being brutally killed in a battle with Eddie Kaspbrak.

It seems clear now that IT: Chapter Two will be following this line of the novel somewhat closely - although there's definitely room for a few tweaks. For one thing, Henry's presence in the depths of the well - the same place we last saw Pennywise headed - could open up a new storyline, much like the first film. For one thing, Pennywise's survival could be explained by the monster having at least one child host to feed on (Henry), a process that would still drive the trouble young man insane, and land him right back in the asylum, as a plant for when Pennywise later needs to call upon him.

Here's the list of actors who have already been confirmed for adult roles in IT: Chapter Two:

  • James McAvoy - Adult Bill
  • Jessica Chastain - Adult Beverly
  • Jay Ryan - Adult Ben
  • Isaiah Mustafa - Adult Mike
  • Bill Hader - Adult Richie
  • James Ransone - Adult Eddie
  • Andy Bean - Adult Stanley

In addition to this lineup, the same young cast form the first film will also be returning, as the story of Chapter Two also contains many flashbacks. When the adult Losers are called by to Derry by Pennywise's return, they find their memories of battling the monster have largely evaporated, and they must revisit the past, in order to prepare themselves for the coming battle. Obviously, those recall moments will require more scenes of the young Losers doing their thing.

IT: Chapter Two is slated to hit theaters on September 6, 2019.