IT CHAPTER TWO Star Bill Hader Looks Very Bored During Press Appearance

For many, Bill Hader's performance as a grown-up Richie Tozier was one of the highlights of IT CHAPTER TWO, and it looks like the actor had an equally-memorable presence on the film's press tour. A supercut from @sunytheon recently made the rounds on Twitter, which shows the various stages of Hader looking bored during CHAPTER TWO interviews. The video sees Hader yawn and stare off into space in some pretty hilarious ways across a menagerie of different interviews.

This isn't the first time that Hader's poker face - or lack thereof - has factored into CHAPTER TWO, as the actor previously revealed that he had issues "acting scared" while filming the movie.

"This is my first horror movie, and I'm terrible at acting scared, apparently," Hader revealed in a television appearance earlier this year. "When I'm scared, I think I smile. Like, I get nervous and I smile... We would do takes and the director Andy Muschetti would come and he's like, 'Bill, you need to be scared, man.' I go, I was terrified! He goes, 'No man, you're smiling the whole time. What's wrong with you?' And it's true. Yeah, I'm just like [grinning], 'Oh guys! We gotta get out of here! Pennywise is here!'"

But as it turns out, Hader's comedic timing ended up having a hand in some of CHAPTER TWO's most amusing moments -- particularly when Richie mocks the meme-worthy dancing Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard) did in the first film.

"Those are things I wish I could take credit for. That was totally Hader," CHAPTER TWO writer Gary Dauberman said in a recent interview. "What a gift. I was writing drafts where you know it's going to be Hader and you're like, 'How am I going to out-funny this guy?' It's nice knowing someone is going to take it and run with it. That was a thrill for me to see what the cast could do with ideas."


"You need that laughter," he said. "I think the first one is really funny too. This cast is full of remarkably funny people, so it almost can't be funny when you have people like Bill Hader. I think those jokes are true to the spirit of the first one we wanted to capture and carry it over to this film."

IT CHAPTER TWO is in theaters now.