'Jacob's Ladder' Remake Delayed Indefinitely

Jacob's Ladder helped signify the end of the slasher trend when it debuted in 1990, signifying a shift towards more psychological horrors in the coming decade. A remake of the film was reportedly being developed, though the studio responsible for bringing the picture to life has revealed that the film has been delayed indefinitely.

Multiple outlets had reported that the Jacob's Ladder remake was slated to debut on February 1st, though Dread Central reached out to LD Entertainment in hopes of getting an update on the project, confirming that not only will the film not debut next month, but that there is no set window when the project could be released.

News first emerged about the remake being developed last summer, so it's unclear if the film is completed and is merely awaiting an optimal release window or if production issues have delayed the endeavor.

In the original film, "A haunted Vietnam War veteran attempts to discover his past while suffering from a severe case of dissociation. To do so, he must decipher reality and life from his own dreams, delusion, and perception of death."

The reimagining of the property was helmed by David M. Rosenthal and stars Michael Ealy (Underworld: Awakening), Guy Burnet (Ray Donovan), Karla Souza (How to Get Away with Murder), and Nicole Beharie (Sleepy Hollow).

This year could be the perfect time to begin tapping various horror properties from the '90s to revive them in fresh and exciting ways. Slasher franchises like Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Friday the 13th have all had their own reboots, with the coming years potentially seeing a shift towards the end of the '80s and into the '90s.

In 2017, fans were given a new adaptation of Stephen King's IT, which had previously been adapted into a miniseries in 1990. The massive length of the source material makes for a difficult tome to dissect, with the miniseries being some fans' only connection with the story. The new incarnation of the novel went on to earn more than $700 million worldwide, an impressive feat for an R-rated horror film. That film's sequel, IT: Chapter Two, will land in theaters this September.

Also coming to theaters this year is a new adaptation of Pet Sematary, which had previously earned an adaptation in 1989.

As studios run out of iconic '80s franchises, we won't be surprised to see a shift towards more '90s staples taking center stage.


Stay tuned for details about the Jacob's Ladder remake.

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