Scream Actor Jamie Kennedy Is On Board This Fan Theory For the Next Sequel

There is a new Scream movie coming and, as they did on the last season of the anthology TV series based on the property, the film will bring back the iconic Ghostface killer identity. And one fan thinks they should bring back more than just the identity -- that the new film should reinvent the mythology a little, recontextualizing Randy Meeks (the horror movie obsessive played in the original by Jamie Kennedy) as the true mastermind behind the original killing spree, and bringing the character back, revealing that he faked his death (presumably becuase it would make for a really good movie if he disappeared for a while and then came back).

That fan isn't alone, though; Kennedy himself spotted the tweet and endorsed it, adding that if Randy was indeed the mastermind, "I believe I know why he did it." He asked fans whether they were on board for the twist.

Kennedy, whose career exploded after Scream and who starred in movies like Malibu's Most Wanted, Son of the Mask, and Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle in the years following, also created and starred in his own reality/prank show, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment. His most recent appearances have been in Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell and Ad Astra, but he has remained open to revisiting some of the old work.

When we spoke to Kennedy for Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell, he told that he hoped he would get a call from Kevin Smith for Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, so that he could reprise his role as Chaka Luther King's beleaguered production assistant. It didn't happen -- which kind of makes sense. Even if Smith had known Kennedy was looking for a part of the movie, the actor had pitched us an idea that his character would have graduated to directing...which is what Smith himself did in the film (long story).

In the original film, there was a misdirect that Randy had died -- and it was played for laughs when he woke back up from his unconscious state. He was a close friend of Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), and the two went to college together after defeating the first Ghostface and graduating high school. Randy, though, was killed in the second film by the mother of the original Ghostface (who helped orchestrate a string of copycat killings), after she overheard Randy disrespecting her late son.


After his death, Scream 3 featured a video of him, telling the other characters that he had expected a character like his would die in the sequel, and that he pre-recorded a message to tell them what to expect from a third installment. Certainly if one wanted to go down the "he faked his death" rabbit hole, it would not be beyond the pale to suggest that this video wasn't really recorded in advance but after his supposed death -- and given the rise of reboots and revivals in modern cinema, a character like Randy could easily make the next installment about honoring the new traditions being forged by movies like the latest Halloween.

Of course, if Randy were still alive, they might have to explain what he has been doing for all these years. Certainly working at a video store (his occupation in the previous movies) feels like a job with a pretty low likelihood of success in the streaming era.