Rotten Tomatoes Mistakenly Suggests John Carpenter Is Dead, and the Internet Reacts

What better way to start off your 70th birthday than to wake up and have Twitter telling you that you're already dead?

Morbid, right? Well, this is exactly what happened to horror master John Carpenter this morning, after Rotten Tomatoes mistakenly referred to him as having previously passed on. "John Carpenter would have been 70 years old today!" the review site wrote on Twitter Tuesday morning, insinuating that Carpenter was dead.

Fortunately, the majority of the internet knew full-well that Carpenter was alive, and the hordes reacted accordingly.

john carpenter rotten tomatoes 7

Most took screenshots of the Rotten Tomatoes tweet and announced to their followers that Carpenter was, in fact, alive. However, some took a much more comedic approach.

john carpenter rotten tomatoes 2

"Rotten Tomatoes mistakenly declaring John Carpenter dead is the scariest John Carpenter-related project I've ever seen," writes Justin Yandell.

john carpenter rotten tomatoes 3

One of the kings of modern horror, Carpenter created iconic classics like Halloween and The Thing. However, he also brought to life the unbearable movie Ghosts of Mars, and one user felt that maybe Rotten Tomatoes was unable to forgive him for it.

John Carpenter rotten tomatoes 1

"Maybe John Carpenter is dead to Rotten Tomatoes because they couldn't forgive him for Ghosts of Mars," tweeted Mark McPherson.

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Despite all of the uproar, it took Rotten Tomatoes quite a while to remove the tweet. A couple of hours after it went live, the message was still available.

john carpenter rotten tomatoes 5

Happy Birthday, John Carpenter, we're all glad you're still with us today!