Scream 2 Star Joshua Jackson Wants to Return for Scream 7

If a Scream 7 officially moves forward, Scream 2 star Joshua Jackson recently confirmed he'd be open to making a return, though admitted that he hadn't been contacted about any involvement in Scream VI. As compared to other figures in the franchise, Jackson's role was relatively minimal, as he took part in a college discussion about sequels that were just as good or even better than their predecessors, serving as a bit of metatextual commentary about the merits of Scream 2. Still, despite that small part of the 1997 film, knowing that he'd even be open to making a return will excite fans that he still has such a positive connection to the franchise. Scream VI is in theaters now and a Scream 7 has yet to be announced.

"Nobody called me about the sixth, but I would be up to returning for 7, because I think what they do in keeping those things constantly referencing themselves and also fresh is really impressive," Jackson confirmed with CinePOP. "So, yes, I would be happy to go back and be in Scream 7."

Despite Jackson's willingness to return, the franchise isn't known for bringing back ancillary characters from the past, instead focusing on the survivors of previous films and the integral components of that narrative. Scream VI bucked that trend at least slightly by seeing the return of Hayden Panettiere's Kirby Reed from Scream 4, though the filmmakers confirmed they wanted to do that in last year's Scream but timing never worked out.

What does work in Jackson's favor is that his character wasn't killed in that sequel, so it's at least somewhat feasible that he could somehow return to the series without much narrative complication. Scream 4's Alison Brie, on the other hand, is also hoping to be able to return to the series, but with her character being killed in that film, she admitted it would take a slightly more twisted narrative to allow for such a return.

When speaking with about her favorite cinematic franchises and the ones she'd most like to join, Brie admitted, "I don't know that you're going to like my answer, and also it's like, I selfishly have already fulfilled the prophecy, but the Scream franchise was a huge ... I know it's not quite in the vein that you were hoping for, but I was so obsessed with the Scream movies, 12, and 3, and then I got to be in Scream 4 years later, and that was a major dream come true."

In reference to Panettiere's return to the franchise for Scream VI, Brie joked, "I heard. I was like, 'What, Rebecca Walters doesn't have a twin sister who's still alive?' Didn't get the phone call, but I'll be around for 7 if anybody's listening."

Stay tuned for possible details on a Scream 7.

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