Tara Reid Cancels on 'Sharknado' Press Tour After Bizarre Interview Goes Viral

Press for the sixth and final Sharknado film is in full swing, but after bizarre interview, star [...]

Press for the sixth and final Sharknado film is in full swing, but after bizarre interview, star Tara Reid will be sitting the rest of the tour out.

During a life appearance on the Australian morning talk show, Today Extra, Reid didn't appear to be at her best. The actress exhibited slurred speech and squinted through most of the interview as she appeared at times to talk over the hosts. You can see the full interview in the video shared by The Today Show's Twitter below.

While Reid was able to talk about the film and give fans of the Sharknado series things to look forward and noting it is her favorite installment of the franchise, many were concerned about her presentation. Viewers and fans commented on the video, noting that Reid didn't seem herself and the next day, she posted to her own Twitter that she would have to cut her portion of the press tour short.

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(Photo: Twitter/Tara Reid)

"Due to some back issues I am having, I had to cut my press tour short," Reid wrote. "I wish I could've been there especially for my favorite show, @BUILDseriesNYC. Thank you for ur understanding & I am hoping to recover from this pain soon. Tune in Sunday as @SharknadoSYFY 6 premieres on @syfy."

When fans do tune in for the film, entitled The Last Sharknado: It's About Time, they'll be treated to a film that Reid herself called "so ridiculous, it's so bad that it's good," and teased the appearance of George Washington and a pterodactyl named Tara. As fans will remember, in the previous Sharknado installment, the Earth was left completely decimated. Fin (Ian Ziering) was sent to the future with a grown-up version of his son Gil (Dolph Lundgren) and as that plot point hinted, the final chapter will be a time travel adventure with Finn going back in time to stop the very first Sharknado from ever happening.

Posters for the film released last month gave fans a glimpse of where in time those adventures may take the heroes. The posters revealed settings from the Old West and the Middle Ages to the age of the dinosaurs -- explaining where Tara the pterodactyl comes in. Some of those time periods might leave fans scratching their heads, but according to the film's producer David Latt, that's for good reason.

"[The Last Sharknado: It's About Time] is just a fun ride," Latt said at San Diego Comic-Con. "And you're not going to know what hits you, because you're not going to understand any of it."

When it comes to understanding Reid's interview, though, many fans have weighed in on her announcement of back problems with most empathizing with the actress and offering her messages of support.

"Everyone banging on about that interview," one fan replied. "Didn't seem so bad to me. Rest up girl then go get em!!"

The Last Sharknado: It's About Time will debut on Sunday, August 19th, at 8/7c on Syfy.