'Stranger Things 3' Trailer Becomes Netflix's Most-Viewed YouTube Video

It's no surprise that Stranger Things is one of Netflix's most popular original series, with its [...]

It's no surprise that Stranger Things is one of Netflix's most popular original series, with its nostalgia-inducing blend of horror and adventure. The first season helped establish a new status quo for Netflix as a leader in content creation, and Season 2 further cemented its popularity. And with the first trailer for Stranger Things 3 releasing last week, fan anticipation continues to mount.

The current views for Netflix's latest trailer of Stranger Things are at an all-time high for the streaming giant, with the third season preview garnering over 21 million views after debuting on YouTube.

This number surpasses the reigning record holder, which was also held by Stranger Things. The second season trailer received over 19 million views when it debuted on the streaming service. The Sandra Bullock thriller Bird Box was close behind, notching 18 million views after hitting YoutTube.

Everyone is curious to learn more about the future of Stranger Things, which will showcase the cast of kids now as teenagers, living the shopping mall live and trying to move on from the horrors that plagued the town of Hawkins. Of course, they won't be able to escape the monsters wrought by the "EPA's" experiments, and more creatures will break through.

According to Dustin actor Gaten Matarazzo, the kids will be squaring off against multiple major enemies in the new film.

"I will say there are two major antagonists," the star said at Emerald City Comic Con earlier this month.

Will Byers actor Noah Schnapp also revealed new details about the monsters terrorizing Hawkins, teasing that fans could be in for the worst enemies yet on the series.

"Oh, yeah, the threat is...it's brutal. It gets bad. It's very big," Schnapp told MTV News, comparing these new foes to those from previous seasons. "I feel like every season it kinda gets more--like it's taking over Hawkins."

Nancy Wheeler actress Natalia Dyer backed up that assessment, explaining that the new season has a larger scale.

"It does feel bigger, just filming it — obviously I haven't seen any of it, but it does feel bigger, darker, scarier," Dyer said to MTV News. "It felt like they noticeably bumped it up to a different level this season. So I'm excited to see it, too. I don't know how they do it, [creators] the [Duffer] brothers, but yeah, I'm excited."

Stranger Things 3 premieres on Netflix on July 4th.

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