'Stranger Things' Cast Confesses Who Ruins the Most Takes

While many viewers tune in to Stranger Things to enjoy the horrifying sci-fi premise, the film [...]

While many viewers tune in to Stranger Things to enjoy the horrifying sci-fi premise, the film also delivers plenty of laughs, thanks in large part to the chemistry between the cast members. The popularity of the series also led to the cast growing huge followings on social media, which often depict just how good of friends the actors are behind-the-scenes as well as in the series. One of the drawbacks to the cast having so much fun together and the humor of some of the series' situations is that laughing can sometimes ruin a take, with some of the series' stars confirming that Charlie Heaton ruins the most takes due to laughter.

"Charlie Heaton, once and forever, is the person that breaks first. There have been scenes where David Harbour had to be like, 'Okay, we gotta cut, guys. Charlie, go in the other room,'" Finn Wolfhard recently shared during a Stranger Things panel at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, Washington.

"Charlie needs to stop laughing," Gaten Matarazzo added. "And if Charlie wasn't in the shot, he was told to get out of the room. He was told to leave. Because, once he starts laughing, [Caleb McLaughlin] starts laughing."

McLaughlin himself chimed in and accepted the blame. The actor admitted, "Yeah, I'm the second person to start laughing. I don't know why, but every group scene, Charlie is next to me, and when we're filming, Charlie's like right behind me, and all you hear is [laughing], and I turn around and he's like [trying to cover his laughing]."

While some of the cast might get frustrated with the actor ruining so many takes, it sounds as though he takes every opportunity to spread his laughter to anyone he can so he isn't singled out.

Matarazzo added, "He turns around, and if he's not turned around, he makes direct eye contact with the person he's laughing at."

Fans can see more of their favorite characters in takes that weren't ruined by Heaton when Stranger Things Season Three debuts on Netflix on July 4th.

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