David Harbour Posting More Cryptic Stranger Things Hints on Instagram

Something is going on with Chief Hopper heading into the fourth season of Stranger Things. Season 3 of the Netflix mega-hit saw Hopper perish in an explosion at the gateway to the Upside-Down, only to feature a tease that he could still be alive in the very last scene of the finale. Shortly after the season had been released, star David Harbour began changing his profile picture on Instagram to reveal a phone number that led fans to a voicemail from Murray, further leading to speculation that Hopper remained alive. Now, months later, Harbour is back to his Instagram antics, and we have more hints about Hopper's future than ever before.

Harbour has been cycling through a new sequence of images as his profile, all of which are connected to Eleven's story, particularly her birth mother. If you recall, Eleven's mother was put through horrific electroshock therapy sessions by the people behind all of the experiments, causing significant and permanent damage to her. From then on she repeated a few key words: Sunflower, rainbow, 450, etc. All of these words were connected to her history with Eleven, and they're all being teased by Harbour on social media.

His Instagram profile picture was changed to a sunflower, then to a rainbow, then to 450 volts. It was eventually changed to a photo related to the Milgram Experiment, which is a shock therapy study. The final change of the profile picture brought it to the same photo that launched Harbour's Instagram account, except it's been turned upside down.

Harbour has also started posting pictures of these things on his account as of late, along with strange captions that seem to tease a bigger story.

"Looking at an object from behind and inverted can add a new dimension to it," Harbour wrote in a post that contained two photos of sunflowers. "This can work with anything, but most especially those objects you know well."


It seems as though Harbour is teasing the future of his beloved Stranger Things character, and that his survival is somehow directly linked with the dangerous dimension known as the Upside-Down.

What do you think David Harbour is trying to say with his posts? Have you noticed any other clues? Let us know in the comments!