Stranger Things Star David Harbour Says Goodbye to Fry’s Electronics

David Harbour's Stranger Things character appeared to have died at the end of the show's third [...]

David Harbour's Stranger Things character appeared to have died at the end of the show's third season, but a teaser that was released around this time last year showed that Chief Jim Hopper was actually alive and (presumably) being held in Russia. That means Harbour has been back to work on the Netflix series and filming the fourth season in Atlanta. In a recent post, Harbour bid farewell to a Fry's Electronics that was located in Georgia. According to CNN, Fry's Electronics suddenly went out of business and closed all of its stores overnight last month.

"When I die, spread my ashes in the board game section of the now permanently closed Fry's electronics in Alpharetta, Georgia. If heaven exists, it will look like aisle 18, the janky two button mouse and laptop external usb number pad section. Such love. Such devotion to the dead. God bless you Fry's. You were the pure blood heir to king radio shack's throne, and in my memory your niche novelty casts a broad and noble shadow beside that titan Best Buy," Harbour wrote. The actor shared an image of him holding up a very special game from the store. You can check it out in the post below:

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In a recent interview, Harbour revealed that he knew the entire time what the plan for his character would be, but he wanted to play into fan speculation. "I knew. We knew. We had talked about it," Harbour shared with Total Film regarding Hopper's return. "I just wanted to preserve the fantasy for everyone. And it's such a weird position that we're in now with so much media, that everybody wants to talk to you about it."

He added, "I'm very close to [creators] the Duffer brothers, and I know where the story's going, and I've known from the get-go. And I think that's been the great thing about this story. In terms of Stranger Things, you'll be able to look back at Season One and see a lot of things that happen further down the line that relate to that."

In addition to Stranger Things, Harbour can also soon be seen in Black Widow as Red Guardian. Last March, when Black Widow first got delayed, Harbour said he wouldn't mind seeing the movie released on Disney+.

"I'm very much looking forward to being in Black Widow if we ever are able to release that movie. I would love to be able to watch that movie too – y'know I have not seen that movie. I have seen some stuff in ADR and it looks really good. And also I was there when we were shooting it and I'm really excited about it. But I would like to see it myself. Hell, I would watch it on Disney+."

Stranger Things 4 does not yet have a release date, but Black Widow is currently scheduled to be released in theatres on May 7th.