‘Stranger Things’: David Harbour Reveals One Thing Hopper Didn’t Get to Do in Season 2

One of the standout characters in Stranger Things is David Harbour's Chief Hopper, who is never [...]

One of the standout characters in Stranger Things is David Harbour's Chief Hopper, who is never afraid to get physical when the situation calls for it. In the second season of the popular Netflix series, Harbour's character was slated to take drastic measures in hopes of snapping Will Byers out of a seizure by punching the child, with the actor regretting that the altercation was removed from the finished episode.

"I go in the room sometimes and I talk to [the show creators] about ideas, and at one point, I said to them, because in Season One, I punch a lot of people in the face, and it was one of my favorite things about the character is that he has a Harrison Ford type quality where when he gets confused he just punches somebody," Harbour shared with the WTF with Marc Maron podcast. "And then, Season Two, I don't punch anybody, the whole season. And they were like, 'We're gonna give you a really good punch. It's gonna be great.' I was like, 'What is it?' And they were like, 'Will, when he goes into a seizure, on the football field, nobody can get him out of the seizure and you punch him in the face and he comes out of the seizure.'"

While this moment might have been authentic to Hopper's approach to the character, the creative minds behind the series came to their senses and realized this reaction might have been too violent for Hopper and the young boy.

"And then, finally, they were like, 'That's a terrible idea,'" the actor joked. "I loved it but it was so crazy, it was like, you can't have him punch him. The kid is a literal punching bag at that point. What else can we do to Will Byers? Let's get Hopper to punch him in the face because that's what he needs."

Despite the massive success of the series, Harbour also confessed that he didn't believe anyone would watch the sci-fi program.

"About four episodes in, I thought, 'Yeah, no one's going to watch this,'" Harbour explained. "I thought, you know, 'I'm not good, and it's not good.' And it didn't help that, we were all working hard, but we were in a bubble. I just thought it was like, you know, in a long line of failures. Not tremendously. I mean, I'm being a little bit hyperbolic. But still."

Season Three of Stranger Things is currently filming, which is expected to land on Netflix next year. Seasons One and Two are streaming now.

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