'Stranger Things' Novel to Tell Jim Hopper's Origin

The first Stranger Things prequel novel just hit shelves on Tuesday, but another one is in the works, one that will offer up the origin story of Chief Jim Hopper.

Netflix revealed the new book on Twitter Friday, declaring "the REAL (official, canonical!) story of Jim Hopper is coming to a bookstore near you."

The book will be titled "Darkness on the Edge of Town" and is set to be released on June 4th. The book's author, Adam Christopher offered a few additional details about the book, revealing that it will be set in New York City 1977 and follow Hopper during his time as a homicide detective there. Per Netflix's Twitter post, the story is revealed thanks to Eleven's curiosity.

"When Eleven gets curious about unanswered questions, Hopper is forced to reckon with some long-buried secrets."

Fans already know a bit about Hopper's past, namely the tragic loss of his daughter that ultimately led him to helping find Will Byers when he goes missing in the popular Netflix series' first season as well as to taking in Eleven in Season 2. The book's release will come just one month ahead of the series' third season debut on July 4th, giving fans a chance to know a bit more about the Hopper ahead of the next terrifying threat to descend upon the show's Hawkins, Indiana -- a threat that star Noah Schnapp recently described as "brutal".

"oh, yeah, the threat is...it's brutal. It gets bad. It's very big," Schnapp, who plays Will, told MTV News. "I feel like every season it kinda gets more--like it's taking over Hawkins."

Schnapp didn't elaborate on the threat but did promise that fans will enjoy what is in store.

"I'm still in it and you're gonna like it," Schnapp said. "I don't think anyone on our show gets a break, that's kind of what it's about. So I can't really say I get to just relax by the beach. I have to go through something otherwise people are going to stop watching."

Stranger Things: Darkness on the Edge of Town goes on sale June 4th. Pre-orders are live on Amazon now.

Season Three of Strangers Things lands on Netflix on July 4th.


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