Stranger Things Unveils Epic New Poster Ahead of Season 3

The 4th of July is just one month away, but in 2019, Netflix fans have more to celebrate than just America's independence. The highly-anticipated third installment of the hit sci-fi series Stranger Things is finally making its debut on the national holiday, following the story of the main characters during their last summer before high school. With 30 days left until the new season arrives, the streaming service has released an epic new poster, teasing major action ahead for the kids of Hawkins, Indiana.

This new poster arrived on Twitter Tuesday morning, via the official Stranger Things account. It features all of the major characters you know and love from the series, along with a couple of new faces you may not recognize, and another look at the new monster from the Upside Down.

Stranger Things tweeted the new poster with the caption, "ONE MONTH," and an upside down smiley emoji. You can check it out below!

At the top of the poster you'll see the tagline for the new season, "One summer can change everything." It's no secret that Stranger Things 3 takes place in the summer, but that is a major change from the previous two seasons of the series. Both of the first two installments were set in the fall, with Season 2 surrounding the events of Halloween.

This may turn out to be an insignificant detail, and perhaps just a product of the character's popularity of amongst fans, but it's worth noting that Dustin is front and center in this poster. The only two characters that seem to be billed higher, with bigger images, are Eleven and Mike, who deliver the main romantic story of the series. Does this mean that Dustin plays a larger role than ever before in Season 3? Or is he just a fan-favorite that the marketing team decided to pay extra attention to?

The poster also heavily teases the introduction of two new locations in Season 3: The fair and the Starcourt Mall. A lot of the marketing to this point has centered around the mall where Steve works, which just recently arrived in Hawkins and figures to play a major role in the story of the new season.


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Stranger Things 3 arrives on Netflix on July 4th. The first two seasons are currently streaming.