'Stranger Things' Day Video Released From 'Stranger Things 3' Set

One of Netflix's most popular original series is being celebrated today, and the streaming [...]

One of Netflix's most popular original series is being celebrated today, and the streaming platform just released a video from the upcoming season of Stranger Things.

The young cast members of the hit series participate in the new video, wishing fans a "Happy Stranger Things Day," though it seems ironic to celebrate the paranormal kidnapping and subsequent possession of a young child. Cast members include Millie Bobby Brown, Noah Schnapp, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, and Sadie Sink.

Check it out below:

There are a lot of questions surrounding Stranger Things 3, which will reportedly jump forward in time to account for the rapidly aging adolescent cast members. And though the series will continue to dwell in horror, it will still maintain the levity and humor that fans loved from the first two seasons.

Series star David Harbour teased some surprising new storylines will drive the action forward in Stranger Things 3, praising the role of Hopper as one of his favorite gigs.

"It's my favorite thing to do," Harbour told the Hollywood Reporter. "Certainly, acting is my favorite thing to do — but acting on this material with this group of people is just beyond. The scripts are really great this year. And in the new directions that we're going, all of us are taking a lot of risks. We're all a little bit out of our comfort zone."

Harbour then said the show would continue to push the boundaries of what fans expect, promising a darker storyline in the new episodes.

"I wish I could characterize the season, but to me it's so big," he said. "For example, did you find last season to be darker? There were certainly elements of it that were scary, but I thought there was also a lot of fun, a lot of joy and a lot of silliness, with Steve being a dad and the kids as Ghostbusters. Just taking my story, for example, it's fun to see Hopper having adopted Eleven. She's become legitimized in the society, in the world of Hawkins. And he's a father now. He's raising a teenage daughter, with all that that entails. So I think that can be pretty funny to see his inadequacies in all of this."

Stranger Things 3 is rumored to debut on Netflix in Summer 2019.