'Suspiria' Remake Director Claims New Film Made Quentin Tarantino Cry

Horror movies can elicit a variety of reactions from audiences, from being startled briefly to carrying horrifying images home from the film and creating a long-lasting paranoia about what lurks in the dark. Luca Gudagnino, who directed this year's remake of Suspiria, showed the film to director Quentin Tarantino, who reportedly had an incredibly emotional reaction to the production.

“I showed it to Quentin Tarantino. We’ve been friends since our jury duty at the Venice Film Festival,” Guadagnino shared with IndieWire. “I was nervous but eager to hear his advice. We saw it at his place and his reaction warmed me. He was enthusiastic about it, in the end he was crying and hugged me. Because it’s a horror movie but also a melodrama, my goal was to make you look at the horror without being able to take [your eyes off the screen] because you’re captivated by the characters. Amazon is very happy.”

While Tarantino might not regularly craft his own horror films, he is a noted cinephile who has an appreciation for the most macabre of films. To move the filmmaker to tears is clearly an effective accomplishment that bodes well of what Guadagnino created.

The new film is set in 1977 Berlin and follows a young American woman who joins a prestigious dance company. She arrives just as one of the members mysteriously disappears. As she gets more involved in the dance company, she begins to suspect that the dance troupe is harboring a disturbing secret.

The debut of the trailer made it clear that this remake of Dario Argento's horror classic is remaining faithful to the source material and avoided contemporary horror film tropes. The success of the film can likely be attributed to the director's approach to his remake.

"Every movie I make is a step inside my teenage dreams, and Suspiria is the most remarkably precise teenage megalomaniac dream I could have had," the filmmaker told The Guardian. "I saw the poster when I was 11 and then I saw the film when I was 14, and it hit me hard. I immediately started to dream about making my own version of it. So in a way it makes me smile when I hear people say, 'How dare you remakeSuspiria. Typical commerce-driven mentality.' I was just a boy who had seen a movie that made him what he became. So that’s how I am approaching it: a homage to the incredible, powerful emotion I felt when I saw it."

Fans will witness the film's horrors when Suspiria hits theaters on November 2nd.


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