Addams Family: Wednesday Spinoff Star Says Experience Has Been "Insane"

The Addams Family has been the go-to source for all things creepy and kooky for decades, whether we're seeing them in cartoons, TV shows, or feature films, but even though she knew their legacy, star of the upcoming spin-off series Wednesday Jenna Ortega noted that the experience of shooting the show has been "insane." Having recently been seen in the TV series You and the latest Scream sequel, she's no stranger to dabbling in macabre storylines, though the actor went on to point out that the physical transformation she has to undergo for the character is nothing like she's experienced before. Wednesday doesn't currently have a release date.

"It's been quite an insane experience. I've been lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with an iconic director who just so happens to be one of the sweetest directors I've worked with, and also the most detail-oriented," Ortega shared with The Hollywood Reporter. "To step into the shoes of somebody who's a bit more eccentric and frightening has been really exciting for me, and definitely a challenge -- especially with such a beloved character, I really want to take care of her and do her justice."

Luis Guzman will be playing Gomez Addams and Catherine Zeta-Jones will be playing Morticia, with Tim Burton serving as the director.

Ortega added, "I think it's probably the most physical transformation I've ever done; I cut my hair, and it's black, and mannerism-wise, speaking cadence-wise, expression-wise, I'm trying to pull from a different toolbox this time around. I think it's a surprise to the audience, but myself as well."

The series is set to explore Wednesday's time at the Nevermore Academy, with previous incarnations of the character in movies and TV shows exploring a slightly earlier point in Wednesday's history

"The thing is, there are several different paths that anyone could have taken for this character. We've never seen Wednesday Addams as a teenage girl, so some of her harsh mannerisms may come off as hilarious when she's younger, but as you get older, how much of that can you get away with?" Ortega pondered. "Or how do you keep that at the forefront of her personality without people growing to dislike her or find her annoying? So just trying to balance that ... I've never felt so much pressure on a job, and I'm trying to keep my cool."

Stay tuned for details on Netflix's Wednesday.

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