The Conjuring's True Story Revealed in New Documentary

An upcoming documentary film titled Bathsheba: Search for Evil claims to be telling the true story behind The Conjuring, the long-running horror franchise that stars Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson as a heavily-fictionalized version of real-world paranormal investigators Lorraine and Ed Warren and their time with the Perron family who, in the early 1970s, experienced what they said was a haunting by the ghost of a witch named Bathsheba Sherman. The documentary, as the title suggests, will not focus on the Warrens, but on Sherman. The current owners of the "Conjuring house" claim that the place is haunted to this day.

The house recently made some headlines of its own, independent of the films. It's currently on the market for over $1 million.

Here's the official synopsis for Bathsheba: Search for Evil, per Bloody Disgusting:

"This special follows the chilling true story of Bathsheba Sherman, a witch made famous by the hit horror film, The Conjuring. The special delves into the true tales that served as inspiration for the film with in-depth and extensive interviews with the Perron family."

Earlier this year came a new documentary titled, The Sleepless Unrest: The Real Conjuring Home, a film that saw a team of modern paranormal investigators stay in the above mentioned house. In a previous interview, the production team revealed the uncomfortable feelings of dread that they found themselvs living in.

"Being in the house for two weeks really messed up the whole team's psyche," co-director Kendall Whelpton told Cinema Blend. "Day three we start getting worn down, day four you can't sleep because things are happening, there's a lot of activity in the house. Coming out of the experience, when you go home, you're still thinking you're in the house, you're attached to the house. You have an overwhelming sense to go back to the house. It's a different beast than I'm used to. I've done over 500 locations and I've only stayed at about 4 of them and doing a long amount of time like this is a different experience."

As fans of The Conjuring know, most of the film franchise is rooted in "true stories" and real locations around the world from the Warren's case files. 2016's The Conjuring 2 took the action across the pond and focused on "the Enfield poltergeist." The third film in the series, this year's The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, dramatized the story of Arne Cheyenne Johnson, a convicted murderer that attempted to plead not guilty by reason of demonic possession. In the real world, of course, Ed and Lorraine have faced plenty of criticism, with the movies not dealing with some of the most concerning allegations made against the pair, who have faced accusations of being con artists and sexual predators.