'The Exorcist' TV Series Recreates Iconic 'Exorcist III' Moment

When a TV show is developed from a well-known property, it's always a fine balance between recreating the source material and creating an all-new, unique experience. The Exorcist TV series has proved one of the most frightening horror shows of the year, thanks to the ways in which it has defined its own voice. During last week's season finale, however, the show couldn't help but recreate a sequence from The Exorcist III, which you can watch below.

While the original The Exorcist is well-known as being one of the best horror films of all time, not many audiences are as familiar with the third film in the series. The merits of that film are certainly debatable, yet you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn't agree that the original scene from that film that inspired the above scare is one of the all-time best.

The scene may have come as a shock to viewers, but the film's showrunner and creator, Jeremy Slater, teased the sequence earlier this year.

When speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Slater explained, “There’s a moment from The Exorcist III that every horror fan knows and loves. We’re looking into how we can get that moment in our show this year. It involves a hospital. It’s the single best jump scare in horror movie history aside from Ben Gardner’s head coming out of the boat in Jaws.”

Another element from that third film that Slater incorporated into the show is the movie's villain.

“Also, I love the idea of a demonic serial killer. We’re not exactly doing the Gemini Killer (Brad Dourif) this year with the new demon. But, I think you are going to see that this demon has a pattern and a methodology. It’s a boogeyman throughout history that has claimed a lot of notches on its belt. It’s nowhere close to being finished,” he added.


The fate of the series is unclear, as a Season 3 has yet to be announced, but were the series to continue, fans should expect a complete abandonment of many of the show's characters, as Slater has revealed the focal point of the series will change from one year to the next.

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