The Jurassic Thunder Trailer Pits Dinosaurs Against Zombies

High Octane Pictures, one of the studios behind the Hunger Games-influenced Jurassic Games, is back in the dinosaur business with Jurassic Thunder, a new film that pits dinosaurs against zombies. Today, they have released the trailer, which seems to know exactly what kind of movie it wants to be, with a blend of stylish CG and some shots designed to make people laugh -- and a great gag from a military chief who calls out one of the movie's more off-the-wall ideas. In the film, when a covert desert base is forced to divert World War III against a formidable adversary, a group of commandos and weaponized dinosaurs are hired to get the job done.

Jurassic Thunder hails from directors Milko Davis and Thomas Martwick, best known for their 2015 horror/disaster/cult comedy film Tsunambee. You can see shades of that kind of movie in Jurassic Thunder. Like Jurassic Games or Velocipastor, this film seems determined to just throw everything at the wall and see what the audience responds to. The track record of movies like that tends to be mixed, but sometimes (like with Velocipastor or the global phenomenon Sharknado) they can transcend the genre.

You can check it out below.

High Octane Pictures had a stake in The Jurassic Games, which ended with a teaser for a potential sequel that has, at least so far, not happened. In that final scene, the dinosaurs had weapons affixed to their heads -- as seen in this teaser for Jurassic Thunder. Whether or not the two are related, one has to admit: there's something inherently both badass and hilarious to going that far over the top.

"We thought of all kinds of ideas for a sequel. Obviously we'd want to upgrade the challenges, and I've had some really cool ideas for upgrading the challenges and upgrading the dinosaurs," explained Jurassic Games director Ryan Bellgardt at the time. "Even more than that, bringing back people you think might be gone...I think there's a way for them to still be there, because if you're talking about an advanced computer system and a virtual reality world, then who's to say how these people interfacing with this computer, and what's stored in there? If the construct is the contestant when they're inside the game, what is that really?"


It doesn't look like these particular dinosaurs are virtual within the context of the film, though, so there's that big difference at least.

Heath C. Heine, Rick Haak, Jon Cotton star in a film by Milko Davis and Thomas Martwick. Jurassic Thunder will be available on DVD and Digital on March 10 from High Octane Pictures.