Diamond Dallas Page Not Returning for 'Devil's Rejects' Sequel 'Three From Hell'

The upcoming sequel to The Devil's Rejects, Three From Hell, is bringing together some of filmmaker Rob Zombie's frequent collaborators, including Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, and Sheri Moon Zombie. Unfortunately, Diamond Dallas Page, who was half of that film's "Unholy Two," will not be reprising his role.

diamond dallas page devil's rejects three from hell

Page shared an article on Twitter which confirmed Danny Trejo would reprise his role from the previous film, with Page clarifying, "Talked with Rob Zombie about #3FromHell and Billy Ray Sniper just didn't fit into the story. [Danny Trejo] is going to be an Unholy One this time around. I am pumped to see it and you should be too!!"

The characters of Otis (Moseley), Baby (Moon), and Captain Spaulding (Haig) first debuted in House of 1000 Corpses as members of a sadistic family that kidnapped and tortured wayward travelers. In Devil's Rejects, the trio evaded capture by police and took their terror on the road, leaving a trail of carnage and chaos. In hopes of apprehending the trio, a sheriff enlisted the help of the Unholy Two to track down the criminals, utilizing nontraditional methods to capture their prey.

What's surprising about Page's absence is that, according to the narrative, it would seem much more likely that he would return than the film's main trio.

After dodging apprehension and escaping torture, the trio hit the road once again with no definitive destination. Along the way, they ran into a police roadblock, which they drove straight into at full speed. The criminals were torn apart by gunfire as the film cut to the credits, seemingly signifying their demise.

Details about Three From Hell are still relatively secret, with only a handful of photos posted by Zombie giving fans a hint at what the film will contain.

The three characters have been depicted in a courtroom and, upon close inspection, scars can be seen on their bodies that replicate their bullet wounds from the end of the film. It would seem as though, shortly after the film concluded, the trio was apprehended by authorities and received the necessary medical care to stand trial.

Fans will have a long wait ahead of them before official details emerge, though Zombie did confirm that the film will be debuting sometime next year.

Stay tuned for details about Three From Hell.


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