New 'Three From Hell' Image Hints at Real 'Devil's Rejects' Ending

Fans have finally seen our first looks at the characters from The Devil's Rejects in the upcoming [...]

Fans have finally seen our first looks at the characters from The Devil's Rejects in the upcoming sequel Three From Hell thanks to filmmaker Rob Zombie's Instagram account, with a new image possibly answering some big questions we have. While we were to assume the characters died at the end of the last film, an image of Sheri Moon Zombie as Baby Firefly might explain that she survived the encounter but didn't escape without plenty of scars.

Zombie shared a behind-the-scenes image from the film while adding the caption, "Another Three From Hell exclusive! Baby is removed from court after yet another violent outburst. I think her t-shirt sums up her feelings on the subject." The character is wearing a shirt which reads "Free Baby."

As many fans in the comments pointed out, looking closely at the character's arms, we can see a number of bullet wounds. In the final moments of The Devil's Rejects, Baby, Otis, and Captain Spaulding drove straight at a police blockade with audiences seeing each character shot multiple times. The scars in the photo above, however, hint that the trio survived the horrifying encounter.

From the moment this sequel was announced, fans have been theorizing how the narrative could exist at all, given the fatal shootout in the film's climax. With Lords of Salem, Zombie made his first foray into the world of the supernatural, having previously focused on reality-based murderers. By including "Hell" in this film's title, many fans wondered if we'd see the characters in some sort of afterlife, allowing the filmmaker to blend his talents of gritty serial killers and supernatural events at the same time.

Rather, the simplest explanation would be that, in the moments after the Rejects finale, the trio received the necessary medical attention to stand trial for their horrific crimes they committed throughout the previous two films.

Shooting on the film has completed, though Zombie's busy tour schedule means he likely won't be able to edit the film until sometime next year.

Stay tuned for details on Three From Hell.

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