Michael Gross Not Appearing in 'Tremors' TV Series

The upcoming TV series based on the 1990 film Tremors marks the first time star Kevin Bacon will return to the franchise, but, sadly, also marks the first chapter in the saga without Burt Gummer. Actor Michael Gross took to Facebook to share the disappointing news.

"For Tremors fans who have been asking, 'Will Kevin Bacon return to do the films?' or 'Is your Burt Gummer character going to be in Kevin's series?' I think we can say with a good deal of certainty that the answer to both questions is 'no,'" Gross shared. "The series is currently shooting in and around Albuquerque, New Mexico, and I have no other details."

Bacon only starred in the original film, but Fred Ward and Michael Gross reprised their roles for the straight-to-video Tremors II: Aftershocks. Ward departed the saga for following installments, with Gross becoming the only star of the original film to appear in each film in the series. Back in September, Gross confirmed that Tremors 6 was in post-production and aimed for a May 2018 release.

The original Tremors is considered a cult classic monster movie, but upon initial release, the film failed to impress critics or fans. This disappointment was what prevented Bacon from reprising his role in any of the film's sequels.

"I was like - why would I make a sequel of a bomb?" Bacon revealed to Screen Daily earlier this year. "That makes no sense to me. I am not going to make another movie that's not going to do well at the box office. That is not a good career move."

Despite it feeling like a bad career move at the time, the actor also pointed out he's been interested in reviving the role ever since the first installment.

"It's the only character I've ever played that I was interested in exploring 25 years later," Bacon confessed. "It (Tremors) is a really good movie."


The pilot episode for the planned SYFY series also stars Shiloh Fernandez (Evil Dead), Emily Tremaine (Vinyl) and Megan Ketch (American Gothic). Vincenzo Natali directs the pilot, having previously directed episodes of Westworld, American Gods and The Strain.

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