Trick 'r Treat's Quinn Lord on the Impact Playing Sam Has Had on Him

Quinn Lord is an acclaimed and fan-favorite actor now, with credits like Man in the High Castle and Firefly Lane under his belt. But there's one role that he has been living with since he was seven years old, and that's the role of Sam from the cult horror favorite Trick 'r Treat. Set in the the fictional town of Warren Valley, Ohio, the movie is an anthology horror film helmed by Michael Dougherty, who would go on to direct Krampus and Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Sam was a pint-sized terror -- a strangely-costumed trick-or-treater who has supernatural ability and seems fixed on enforcing a version of Halloween that conforms to his vision.

Contrary to what you might think, playing a demonic trick-or-treater at seven years old did not bother Lord much. Instead, he seems pleased as the idea of his younger self being able to be both innocent and sinister, and he loves encountering the fans of the movie...even if a lot of them have the same observation to share afterwards.

"I matured quite quickly, so I just doing some, not so kid-like stuff when I was younger," Lord told ComicBook. "I'm pretty sure that kind of helped me secure the role of Sam. So I could be sinister, but cute at the same time. So yeah, as far as having Trick 'r Treat be during my childhood and all that, and growing up with that being there...people asking me about it increases as I go to conventions and things. There's just more and more people asking about it, and [about] a potential sequel. As far as the sequel goes, you'd probably have to ask Michael Dougherty, He's probably the most up-to-date on that. I know probably as much as you guys do, but I'm definitely hoping for a sequel because the first one is a hell of a lot of fun to film. Since I've grown up since then, I can't imagine this one would be any less fun to film. And yeah, it is kind of a kind of odd that it's something I did when I was seven, and people are coming up to me and asking about it, and talking about it saying, 'Hey, I loved you in that!' Then they're like saying, 'Oh, you're so tall as well!' That's a weird experience, but it's a really pleasant experience, to see how people are so hyped up and loved the movie."

Of course, the conceit of Sam as a demon child (who presumably never grows up) could present some challenges along the way, but Lord would still not be able to say no to taking part in any potential follow-up.

"If I do end up coming back for a Trick 'r Treat sequel, it would be kind of strange," Lord admitted. "Because I used to be like three feet tall as Sam, when I was seven. I don't know, perhaps they could use the same methods as Lord of the Rings to shorten me, but I think that's a little bit of a long shot."

You can see Lord now in Iké Boys, available on digital now. Trick 'r Treat is currently steaming on HBO Max and Hulu with a premium subscription.