Mr Beast Drops Extreme Hide And Seek Video, Winner Gets $60,000

Mr. Beast is at it again with his latest video on YouTube, this time giving away $60,000 to the winner of an extreme game of hide and seek. The challenge called for all of Mr. Beast's usual suspected like Chandler, Chris, and the gang but also called for some more bodies. In the video, Jimmy and Chris search an abandoned town where the rest of the game players are hiding. Once they are found, they are eliminated. The last person left unfound will win the $60,000 to do with as they please. According to Mr. Beast's caption, no one is going to believe how the video ends, so give it a watch.

Within 30 minutes of being uploaded, Mr. Beast's latest challenged whipped up more than 400,000 views on YouTube. His channel is currently sitting comfortably with 28.8 million subscribers.

Check out the video of Mr. Beast's $60,000 game of hide and seek below!

Along the way, Jimmy throws a plot twist into the mix and offers Chris $1,000 for every person he finds. It is a classic trick for one of these videos in which he manages to motivate one of the players to speed things up. Recently, Mr. Beast gave away $1,000,000 in a single challenge, bringing four winners from previous challenges. He went on to take the winner shopping and help him properly handle taxes of taking on the million dollar prize. Ultimately, the game lasts for quite a few hours and ends up running into the night, prompting the squad to bust out their flashlights and hunt down the remaining contestants. We won't spoil the winner here.

Also, you might want to immediately subscribe to Mr. Beast. The caption also has a terrifying threat: "Subscribe or I take your dog." Think about your dog -- and do what needs to be done.


Mr. Beast is a YouTube account which has been built on videos centered around giving away large cash prizes. Jimmy Donaldson started out by giving much smaller amounts of money to homeless people and other people in need, sharing the videos as a means to spread positive messages. He has since gone on to give away cars, clothes, toys, electronics, and cash. He also started giving away stacks of money via donations on video game streaming platforms, often surprising streamers with less viewers than some of the major players.

Mr. Beast uploads new videos regularly on YouTube.

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