Arby's Introduces Fast Food's Spiciest Sandwich Ever

First, it was pretzel buns, then the Great Chicken Sandwich Wars of 2021. Now, every fast-food restaurant on the planet is looking to kick up the heat. Monday morning, Arby's announced it was the latest restaurant introducing a red-hot option to its menu. Effective immediately, participating Arby's locations will be carrying the Diablo Dare Challenge—a sandwich with five different sources of spice.

The sandwich is available with two different main mean options; you can either get the Diablo Dare sandwich using a crispy chicken patty or Arby's 13-hour smoked brisket. Then comes the heat. The meat is then topped with ghost pepper jack cheese and additional fiery hot seasoning.

(Photo: Arby's)

On top of everything else, roasted diced jalapenos are added alongside a red-hot Diablo BBQ sauce. To complete the sandwich and the challenge, a special toasted red chipotle pepper bun nestles all the ingredients together.

The chain claims the sandwich is so spicy, they're forced to include a vanilla milkshake with the sandwich so eager heat fiends can help cool their mouth off with each bite. The price for the sandwich is $5.99 and includes both the sandwich and the snack-sized milkshake.

"We Diablo Dare you to try this new sandwich," Arby's chief marketer Patrick Schwing said in press release. "This is not a sandwich for the faint of heart. Everyone in QSR says they have a spicy option,but our research tells us that consumers are disappointed by fast food claims of spicy. We took that as a challenge by making sure all different types of spicy –the hot, the numbing, and thelingeringare combined to make the Diablo Dare a true test of how much heat you can handle. Arby's is setting a new standard of spice –when we say it, we mean it." got an advanced tasting of the sandwich, and it's every bit as spicy as the chain claims. While the BBQ includes a particular sweetness to help alleviate some of the spice, we found the milkshake entirely necessary to help keep the levels down. Those that love spice may be in love with this sandwich.

The sandwich is also a limited-time offering, only available at participating locations from January 10th to February 6th.