Chuck E. Cheese Removing Animatronics From All Stores

Well, so much for that real life Five Nights at Freddy's. Chuck E. Cheese, the nostalgia-filled arcade eatery that inspired the Freddy's video game, is officially removing all of its classic animatronics from every single one of its locations. Remember the classic (and also very creepy) band of animals playing on the stage at Chuck E. Cheese? They're now a thing of the past, as the restaurant is finally updating its design and features about 15 years later than it should have, and that means taking away Munch's Make Believe Band.

Chuck E. Cheese is redesigning its locations to look more sleek and modern, and one of the biggest changes is adding an interactive dance floor in favor of the classic band. Also being removed are tokens, which will be replaced with play cards that you can add money to, similar to those at Dave & Buster's.

The exteriors of Chuck E. Cheese's are also getting a substantial overhaul, changing the logo and color scheme a bit to look more inviting and less terrifying. However, for all of the '90s kids out there, the biggest change is most definitely the loss of the band, as they unfortunately became ingrained in our memories after all these years.

Earlier this year, Chuck. E. Cheese began altering their marketing strategy a bit and partnered with Door Dash to deliver 12-person "party packs" to customers at home. These packages consist of three large pizzas, a party cake, party decor, and utensils/plates.


"Chuck E. Cheese is already known as the expert in fun, so it's a natural extension for us to be the first brand to deliver a kit of fun anywhere a group wants to gather," Chuck E. Cheese marketing chief Ashley Zickefoose said in a press release. "Chuck E. Cheese is continually innovating to meet evolving consumer needs. We collaborated with Door Dash to create the Pizza Party Pack as a way to innovate within our growing delivery channel and bring a unique celebratory experience complete with food and decor directly to guests with one click."

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