Comic Book Writer Saves Girl From Alleged Attackers

This 'Life imitates art' story is generating big buzz in the news: a comic book creator who stepped up to do some real-life street-level heroism. Comic Book and video game writer David Gallaher has played in the worlds of both Marvel and DC superheroes, so when he saw a young teenage girl allegedly being assaulted by a group of teens on his street in Brooklyn, New York, he felt compelled to measure up. 

Here is a quick synopsis of the news story: 

David Gallagher is a comic book writer, who pens dramas about superheroes who save the day. So what are the odds that he would end up the real-life superhero? The 46-year-old writer says he was walking down the street in New York when he saw a group assaulting a teenage girl, and he knew he had to do something. He stepped in and confronted the group by himself. They then attacked Gallagher, but he says he'd do it again in the pursuit of justice.

"They were assaulting like a thirteen-year-old girl with her face pressed up against a car window," Gallaher explained to Inside Edition. "And her arm was being pinned against her back."

After stepping in and yelling at the teens, Gallaher was accosted himself by punches and heavy objects (garbage can, rocks) being thrown at him. At the same time, he claims that thoughts of some of his favorite comic book heroes definitely flashed through his head in the moment: 

"So I definitely thought of Superman or The Shield or Captain America." Although, the author also confesses that "Yeah I was absolutely afraid these guys were going to turn on me... At the end of the day, you may get punched, you may get pummeled, but if you're standing up for what's right, that's the most important thing."

A sixteen-year-old suspect (who was clearly caught on video footage) was later arrested; Gallaher suffered a broken cheekbone and kidney damage from being hit with a heavy stone. 

David Gallaher's credits include the video game Tom Clancy's GHost Recon Breakpoint, Marvel's Untold Tales of Spider-Man: Threaded Web and Hulk: Winter Guard; DC's Green Lantern Corps; Image Comics' Deadlands, as well as numerous creations of his own. If nothing else, the man's work deserves a boost after this...