Is Going Dark For Blackout Tuesday joins with the rest of ViacomCBS in taking a break from posting regular updates today, in silent recognition of Blackout Tuesday. We stand with communities of color as they strive for acceptance and equality in the face of a system that many are finally seeing is in need of repair. We certainly do not claim to have all of the answers, but Blackout Tuesday is a day for reflection, family, and community. The hope is that our employees and our audience can take this time of quiet, and use it to consider what they can do to help improve and unify their own communities. Solidarity with communities of color, and a message that Black lives matter, are important principles, and today has given us an opportunity to communicate those principles clearly and without equivocation.

We have a significant platform to communicate with our audience and, as every comic book fan knows, with that power comes responsibility. And while it may seem that way to some, today's decision is not intended as preaching or trying to assert our own views. Blackout Tuesday serves as an opportunity for those of us with a platform, to yield the floor to those who are too often without a voice in what is considered "mainstream" public discourse. It is a time to listen thoughtfully to those people and to consider their messages.

Black Lives Matter. Black Culture Matters. Black Communities Matter. At, we are committed to a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. Those things are not just buzzwords and catchphrases -- they are essential to the realization of the American dream, which has remained out of reach for too many people, for too long.

We encourage our readers to seek out local resources and community members who can provide guidance to helping out in their communities. Advocates and activists have asked that those participating in Blackout Tuesday who post on social media about it, do so using the #BlackOutTuesday hashtag, rather than the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag, which is used to quickly deliver important information to people in need.

Places to donate can be found below:


Minnesota Freedom Fund

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund

The Reach Out Project

Stephen Lawrence Trust


We will return to our normal publishing schedule tomorrow. In the meantime, we, like so many, will be spending this time with our families and other members of our communities. We hope you will do the same. It is through communication and understanding that healing can take place, and our fractured communities can begin to find some semblance of unity. Unity, dignity, and love are the things that will help usher in a better tomorrow.