Disney Returns Working iPhone After Two Months Underwater

When most people drop their phones in the water, it is usually curtains, but at Disneyland, there is always the chance of something magical happening. Well, Montana's Lisa and Jacob Troyer were visiting Walt Disney World in Florida and they thought their iPhone 11 was basically lost when it fell into the Seven Seas Lagoon two months ago. They told MacRumors the miraculous story of how the device found its way back to them. When the phone first took the plunge, the couple informed a Disney staff person right away and left their information. Although they took this step, they basically wrote off any chance of getting the phone back in one piece. But there were encouraging words from the employees not to give up hope.

"I was upset to have lost my phone, and the pictures I had taken that evening of Disney's Halloween party, which had been the main event for our trip," Lisa Troyer explained. "Our six-year-old daughter was particularly devastated, as pictures of her and Jack Skellington would never materialize; instead, they sat at the bottom of a lagoon."

Disney's divers are widely known to find all sorts of stuff in the bodies of water on the property. Thanks to their hard work, they pulled out the phone from the bottom of the Lagoon. But, there is no way they could have expected the iPhone to still be able to turn on, much less work, after all that time under water. Imagine the Troyers' surprise as the phone booted and still performed all of the functions you would expect. Disney mailed them the lost phone and told them about how it still worked.

"I was able to retrieve all of the pictures from our Disney Halloween night, and besides some sand in my case and a little algae on the cover, the phone seems no worse for the wear," Lisa continued, also drawing attention to the fact that there was only a small silicone case to protect the phone.


So, the family told Tim Cook about their story and managed to get a response. Moments like this really make you wonder about the magic that is all around us every day. It's just tremendous work by their guest services department, too bad everyone who loses a phone to water can't have that kind of happy ending. Still, it makes for the kind of story that you would have to see to believe.