Classic Disneyland Ride Could Be Facing a Lengthy Closure

A classic Disneyland ride could be shut down for a lengthy period of time due to possible flooding. Earlier this month, Disneyland officials closed down "it's a small world" due to an accidental flooding issue, caused when technicians were re-filling the ride's waterways after adding holiday decorations. Some of the machinery for the ride was damaged due to the flooding, leading to Disneyland not opening the ride to kick off its annual holiday transformation last week. Disney has remained quiet on when the ride would re-open, but one Disney insider speculates that the ride could be shut down for a year or longer. 

David Koenig, a Disney parks expert and historian, notes that the flooding in "it's a small world" was significant and that it's possible that the ride's machinery will need to be replaced. Koenig notes that the flooding incident is similar to one that occurred at World of Color at Disney California Adventure (an adjacent park to Disneyland) that kept World of Color shut down for nine months. In this case, the replaced parts could take longer to replicate as they were original to the ride, which was first built in 1964. The ride would then need to be re-certified before it could be opened once again. 

While "it's a small world" isn't as popular as the Matterhorn or Space Mountain, it's still a beloved part of Disneyland for many visitors. Losing the ride for a prolonged period of time would definitely hurt the spirit of the park. Koenig does note that the "up to a year" timeline is a worst case scenario and that Disney is doing everything in its power to get the ride re-opened in early 2022.