Disneyland Poll Suggests Child Day Care Service in the Works for Theme Parks

While Disneyland is very much a family destination, it's not solely for families. Not only do many adults come to the Happiest Place on Earth without children each year, but there are special events and festivals that themselves have components that are definitely not for kids. That includes the Food & Wine Festival at Disney California Adventure and it's a survey that was sent out to guests after this year's festival that suggests a day care service could be in the works for future events at the parks.

According to WDW News Today, guests who attended the 2022 Food & Wine Festival were asked to rate their interest in a variety of offerings or experiences for future Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival events. There were questions about the quality of food and beverages, healthy food and beverage offerings, more bookable experiences, and one about a "day care option for parents". That one is of particular interest. While the festival is family friendly — the website even describes the event as "during the festival, your whole family will get to experience local, celebrity and Disney chef demos and delight in a smorgasbord of delicious dishes curated by Disney chefs" — there's a good bit of programming for the festival that is geared toward adults only, including Carthay Circle Winemaker Receptions, Wine, Beer and Mixology Education & Tasting Seminars, and more. For guests with children, some of those offerings could be a real challenge, which would make a childcare option attractive.

It's important to note that this survey is just that, a survey. It's designed to gather information so that festival organizers have some idea of how to continue to improve the event for years to come so it's not likely that a daycare option would be coming anytime soon. It's also not likely that a daycare option would be more widespread for the Disneyland experience. This survey is specific to one theme park and one specific event and more than that, there would be a lot of logistics to figure out in order to implement any form of daycare. All that said, it's certainly interesting to see that it's a topic that's being considered for guests.

In other Disneyland news, it was recently reported that cast members at the Paradise Pier hotel at Disneyland Resort have been informed that the hotel will be re-themed to the iconic Toy Story franchise., though Disney has not officially confirmed the plans. Paradise Pier was originally the Emerald Hotel of Anaheim and was purchased by Disney in 1995. It was renamed Paradise Pier in 2001 with the opening of the California Adventure park. It is one of three on-site hotels owned by Disney.

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