Democratic Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren Has Hilarious Reaction to Missing Scrooge McDuck in Billionaire Game on Colbert

The United States' Democratic Primary is currently underway, and each of the potential hopefuls [...]

The United States' Democratic Primary is currently underway, and each of the potential hopefuls have been appearing on the media circuit to make their platform known. For Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren, that recently involved an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and unintentionally spawned a new viral video in the process. Midway through the interview, Colbert asked Warren to guess the names of several famous billionaires based off of his description of them. After successfully guessing several real-life billionaires, like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos, Warren became stumped about one fictional rich person -- Disney character Scrooge McDuck.

After Colbert described the billionaire as a "talking waterfowl" and someone who swims in his pile of gold coins, Warren eventually realized that they were talking about Scrooge, and remarked that she should have been able to correctly guess it.

"Of course it's Scrooge McDuck," Warren remarked, before pointing out that "he doesn't wear pants."

Scrooge McDuck was initially voiced by Alan Young, who passed away in May of 2016. Since then, the snarky billionaire has been brought to life by Doctor Who and Good Omens star David Tennant in Disney's recent reboot of DuckTales.

"David Tennant, well, seemed to be the natural choice for this. We really wanted to find somebody who was legitimately Scottish," DuckTales producer Matt Youngberg shared in a previous interview. "We thought that was really important in this iteration….someone who had the character to bring this icon alive. David is an amazing actor. He's morphed into this role in an incredible way."

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