Alan Young, Voice Of Scrooge McDuck, Has Died

Alan Young

Actor Alan Young passed away on Thursday night at the age of 96 (via Deadline). The cause of death is unknown at this time.

Young is probably best remembered for two roles, the first of which is Wilbur Post from the classic sitcom Mr.Ed. The 1960's show lasted for five seasons and was about Wilbur's friendship with a talking horse. The second most notable character he played was that of Scrooge McDuck, the greedy yet lovable curmudgeon that starred on Disney's Ducktales. He voiced the character in Mickey's Christmas Carol, and then later in the Ducktales series. He's also portrayed McDuck in various video games, most recently Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and Ducktales: Remastered.

The actor also lent his voice talents to a variety of other shows, including The Smurfs (as Farmer Smurf), The Great Mouse Detective (Hiram Flaversham), Battle of the Planets (Z-Zark-7), The Ren & Stimpy Show (Haggis MacHaggis), amongst others.

Young had some advice for other actors that he had picked up along the way, via the Archive of American Television. He said: “I worked it out that you go to an audition feeling you’re going to give your concept of what this part is you’re not going to try to get anything. If the producer likes it, whether you get the part or not, you’ve given. It takes away all the anxiety and the weight. That’s my best advice. Just give, and then trust.”

He told a quick story about his dad's impression of what he chose to do for a living, saying: When I was young I was paid $3 for doing a short monologue. That impressed my dad who earned the same amount for working all day in a shipyard at the time. He told me to 'Keep up this talking business because lips don't sweat.' It was good advice."

Sound advice indeed.